Winter is coming! Helpful Guide of Top 5 plants for low light period.

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Winter is coming! Helpful Guide of Top 5 plants for low light period.

Each season is beautiful in its way. The weather outside has a great influence on everything living that surrounds us. At the moment we are approaching the winter period which is bringing in lower temperatures and shorter daylight. Outside plants lose their remaining leaves and going dormant. Indoor plants are no exception. Luckily, since they are indoors they can continue to remain green and delight us with a tropical feel. However, since the majority of houseplants are from tropical climates the shorter daylights are not able to continue to meet their demands for light and will result in many looking sad. To remain in the best shape and full of their colorful foliage one solution is to install grow lights to supplement additional light requirements. If you are not keen on installing extra equipment in your house another solution is to choose plants that tolerate low light conditions better than others and will look as good as in summer all winter long albeit slower growing.

Below are our top 5 plants perfect to enjoy in winter with minimal care.

1.      Sansevieria – being from arid regions of Africa, Madagascar well adapted to harsh environments. It is often found under the canopy of large trees hiding from the scorching sun. With great ability to cope with drought and shade it makes a great green companion through winter. A huge variety of cultivars on offer like Sansevieria Moonshine, Fernwood, Black Dragon, Samurai, Kirkii Silver Blue, Whale Fin just to name a few, choose one that catches your eye the most or better yet start collecting them. 

2.      Philodendron Scandens “Heartleaf Philodendron” – is such an underrated climber, always looks incredible with its hearth shaped and juicy green colour leaves. Looking at it you will not think its blizzard outside the window.

3.      Pilea peperomioides – also known as a friendship plant will also continue to pop up babies regardless of the time of the year.

4.      Aspiditra elatior – Knick named cast iron plant for a reason. Will survive complete darkness for a couple of days without any problems.

5.      Zamioculcas zamiifolia   – comes in not just green but also black foliage. Black cultivar is known as Raven. Will survive without water for month on end due to its unusually high water contents of leaves (91%). 

Another important tip for winter care is to reduce watering. All plants on the list have low water requirements. And benefit from their soil drying up in between.

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