Bringing plants & people together

Cambridge Bee started on the simple basis - love of plants. Plants are a great hobby and they make us happier.

We started Cambridge Bee at the end of 2020 in the midst of pandemic. This has provided great distraction and escape from the isolation we were faced with. At first we started in the one department of the central 5 storey building in the heart of Cambridge. Soon moved to a temporary separate shop near by. After an interesting year we now moved to our new shop in Cambridge Mill Road.

Originally the hobby had sprouted years ago when one of us lived in London with a pocky size garden and found herself wanting to fit more than space allowed. Collection and wish list of plants grew and grew. Obsession and determination has pushed to move. Larger space allowed for passion to expand to more indoor plants that my Mom loved, and discovery of new types that were previously unknown. The fresh challenge was to fund the ever desired new and rare varieties. So, and selling rooted leaves and cuttings is how it all started. After years of acquiring, growing, propagating and swaping and selling this hobby grew into the small but interesting company that is Cambridge Bee.