Nothing transforms office spaces quite like plants. We offer a complete range of office plants services in Cambridge and surrounding areas.

We know that the company of plants in the home and workplace can be a powerful and beautiful presence that reduces stress, makes people calmer and happier, increases productivity, and generally makes the environment more enjoyable. 

Cambridge Bee is Cambridge based plant company fully committed to providing offices interior and exterior landscape design, installation, and maintenance services to keep office space and public places more healthier, green, attractive and fresh.

We are able to source wide range of plants that enables us to accommodate any company, irrespective of size, style and budget, from conference rooms, meeting rooms, reception areas to large atriums.

When designing your interior displays, we take into account lighting, humidity, traffic flow, temperature fluctuations, and anything else that may affect the health and well-being of your displays.

We are committed to delivering beautiful plant solutions that are also practical and functional. If you are interested in interior landscape design and installation for your office, please get in touch. We offer Free Design and quotation.

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