Citrus Hystrix - Kaffir Lime

Pot size ⌀12cm


Discover the exotic allure of Citrus Hystrix, also known as Kaffir Lime or Makrut Lime, by adding this beautiful potted plant to your home garden. Enjoy the captivating aroma, vibrant green leaves, and unique culinary benefits of this tropical treasure. Perfect for container gardening, our Citrus Hystrix plants are easy to grow, bringing a taste of Southeast Asia right to your doorstep. Order yours today and elevate your culinary creations with this aromatic and versatile citrus delight.

If you're eager to learn more about the captivating Citrus Hystrix, we've created a variety of informative articles covering its many aspects. Dive into our comprehensive collection of topics to discover the rich history, culinary uses, and unique characteristics of this remarkable plant. Enhance your knowledge and ignite your passion for the versatile Kaffir Lime by exploring our expertly curated content.

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Care guide

Citrus Hystrix
Southeast Asia

Light: Full Sun

Water: 1x per week

Humidity: Average

Feed: 1x per 2 weeks

Pet friendly: Yes