Pachira Aquatica - Money tree

Pot size ⌀12cm


The Pachira Aquatica has many nicknames like Water cocoa or money tree. The latter is because people in the Far East believe that the leaves of the plant can collect money. This makes this plant an excellent gift for a birthday, for example. The roots of this plant lie in the swamps of Eastern Brazil, Costa Rica and Panama. The Pachira comes from the Malvaceae family, better known as the mallow family.

It is recommended to give a good splash of water every 3 weeks. Because the plant stores the water in the trunk, it is important that the soil is thoroughly dry before new water is given again. In summer, the soil can be a bit more mmoist than usual.

The Pachira likes light, but does not tolerate direct sunlight as well. The best place for the plant is therefore in front of the window on the north, or 2 to 3 meters in front of the window on the east.

Pachira pruning guide 

Ugly leaves cannot be prevented, that's just nature. These ugly leaves can be cut immediately. In addition, it is recommended to prune the Pachira back to the crown in the autumn. This ensures that the plant remains nicely compact without ugly shoots. A pruned trunk will make new shoots over time.

◉ Each plant is unique and may therefore differ from the images shown, which are for illustration purposes only; size and shape may vary by season so all measurements shown are approximate 
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Care guide

Pachira Aquatica
Central and South America

Light:Bright indirect, part shade

Water: 1x every 2-3 weeks

Humidity: Average to High

Feed: 1x per month

Pet friendly: Yes