Gymno cactus Variegata - Variegated Cactus

Pot size ⌀6.5cm


Gymnocalycium mihanovichii variegata, also known as the Variegated Moon Cactus, is a fascinating and attractive plant with a unique appearance. This cactus is native to South America, where it grows in rocky, arid habitats.

The Variegated Moon Cactus is a small plant that typically reaches a maximum height of around 2-3 inches. It has a round, ball-like shape with a flattened top. The plant lacks spines and areoles, which are typical features of most cactus species. Instead, it has smooth, fleshy skin that is usually brightly colored in shades of pink, orange, yellow, red, or green. The coloration is due to the presence of pigments in the plant's cells, which compensate for the lack of chlorophyll.

The plant is often grafted onto the rootstock of another cactus species to ensure that it receives the nutrients it needs to survive. This process allows the Variegated Moon Cactus to grow without a root system, making it an excellent choice for container gardens or terrariums.

The plant is relatively low maintenance and prefers bright, indirect sunlight and well-draining soil. It is tolerant of dry conditions and can go for long periods without water. However, it is essential to be careful not to overwater the plant, as it is susceptible to rotting.

While the Variegated Moon Cactus does not produce flowers or fruits, it is still an attractive and unique addition to any plant collection. Its colorful appearance and lack of spines make it a popular choice among cactus enthusiasts and collectors. With the right care and attention, this plant can thrive and bring beauty to any indoor or outdoor space.

◉ Each plant is unique and may therefore differ from the images shown, which are for illustration purposes only; size and shape may vary by season so all measurements shown are approximate 
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Care guide

Gymnocalycium mihanovichii
South America

Light:Full sun

Water: 1 x monthly


Feed:half strength dose of fertiliser during the summer

Pet friendly:Not Toxic but spiky