Ceropegia Woodii - String of hearts ⌀8cm

Pot size ⌀8cm


Ceropegia woodii - is a plant of fairy tales. The swinging vines with flowers and distinctive leaf print make this plant a feast for the eyes. The plant is often also called ‘String of Hearts’, named for the beautiful, heart-shaped leaves.

Ceropegia is an elegant exotic plant from the Asclepiadaceae family. It belongs to succulents and lives in the subtropical regions of South Africa, Australia, and Asia. One of the easiest plants to care for. Best for trailing or hanging.

Like all succulents, the Ceropegia woodii requires little care. The plant does not require much water. Only water the Hearts entangled when the soil is dry as it does not like wet feet.

This eye-catcher loves hanging out over the window sill. Direct sunlight and the warm air from a radiator make this plant feel comfortable.

◉ Each plant is unique and may therefore differ from the images shown, which are for illustration purposes only; size and shape may vary by season so all measurements shown are approximate 
◉ Supplied in original nursery grow pot

Care guide

Ceropegia Woodii
Southwest Africa

Light:Bright direct, part shade

Water: 1x per week

Humidity: Average

Feed: 1x a month

Pet friendly: Yes