Sciadopitys verticillata - Japanese umbrella pine ⌀19cm

Pot size ⌀19cm


The umbrella pine is a striking, evergreen conifer that originates from southern Japan. It is also known as Japanese umbrella pine or Koyamaki (Japanese for ‘umbrella’). In the nature it can grow to 30 meters in height with tree trunks reaching 4 meters diameter. Within the conifers family it has no close relatives and is quite unique. The needles are fused in pairs laterally and borne in whorls. It is slow growing tree, therefore can be successfully container grown and is a popular species used 9n bonsai art.

In Japan the umbrella pine is a very popular tree. The wood is resistant to rot and is used in boat construction. It is one of the five sacred trees of Kiso: only the wood of these five trees could be used in the construction of the Shinto temples. Only influential families were allowed to fell these sacred trees and any offenders severely punished.

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Light: Full sun, part shade


Humidity: Average


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