Philodendron Burle Marx

Pot size ⌀15cm


Philodendron is a plant with many relatives: more than a hundred, all of which occur in Central and South America. Striking are the large, sturdy leaves that give the plant its very own character. Each Philodendron has different leaves, from oval and pointed to heart-shaped. There are several shades of green, but also even red variants. And with a little ease, this extremely strong plant grows to a considerable size!
Philodendron Burle Marx is a clump forming vine with shiny green heart-shaped leaves and maroon tinge stems. It prefers partial sun and moist soil. Named after famous architect Roberto Burle Marx well known for his use of native plants in landscape design.


◉ Each plant is unique and may therefore differ from the images shown, which are for illustration purposes only; size and shape may vary by season so all measurements shown are approximate 
◉ Supplied in original nursery grow pot

Care guide

South America

Light:Bright Indirect, part shade

Water: 1x per week

Humidity: Average

Feed: 1x per month

Pet friendly: No