Cuddly Cactus - Cereus Jamacaru

Pot size ⌀17cm


The first needle-free Cactus! Cuddly Cactus

The cuddly idea lies, naturally, in the absence of needles. This makes it child-friendly and pet-friendly, as you can't hurt yourself on it.

This evergreen cactus - Cereus Jamacaru comes from South America and is sure to become an absolute favorite with your children and pets. Like all cacti, the cuddly cactus is a true survivor and can even survive long periods of drought without any problems, but unlike its relatives, this stylish plant does not have any spines.

◉ Each plant is unique and may therefore differ from the images shown, which are for illustration purposes only; size and shape may vary by season so all measurements shown are approximate 
◉ Supplied in original nursery grow pot

Care guide

Cereus Jamacaru

Light:Full Sun

Water: 1x per month

Humidity: Low to High

Feed: Not required

Pet friendly: Yes